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Women's Fellowship

Spaugh.Pfohl Circle.png

The Women's fellowship is made up of all female members of Grace Moravian Church. 


This ministry has an executive board and does many fundraisers to help with local and non-local charities. They also form two Women's circle groups that meet once a month for Bible Study and Mission Study. 


The Fulk Circle meets every 3rd Tuesday at 4:30 pm.  


The Spaugh/Pfohl Circle meets on the 3rd Monday at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall and begins each meting with refreshments. Circle members rotate hostessing and sometimes they prepare refreshments related to a theme. For this month in this picture, the hostess decided to make every circle member a princess. 

Charities and Fundraisers and Other Services
  • Moravian Chicken Pies and Baked Spaghetti Sales

  • Hospital tray favors

  • Caring for Home-bound friends

  • Bingo prizes at Salemtowne

  • Financial gifts to various endeavors include their pledge to the Provincial Women's Board, Salemtowne Endowment Fund, Seminary Student Emergency Fund, and the Elizabeth Norfleet Miller Fund; plus many local charities.

  • Each circle is also in charge of cleaning the nursery, silver, and other necessary work of the congregation.  Other activities they provide:

  • Kitchen Maintenance

  • Parsonage Liaison

  • Flowers for Sundays, Christmas, and Easter

  • Candles for Christmas Lovefeasts

  • Easter Sunrise Breakfast

  • Bereavement Meals

  • Evening Lenten Meals at Grace (in rotation with other community churches)


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