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Grace Moravian Mission Statement

Our purpose is to serve God by providing an atmosphere where people are encouraged to build an enduring, dynamic relationship:

  • With Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

  • With one another through mutual care and support

  • With the world by responding to total human needs


Being a congregation deeply concerned for the nurture and health of families, with a diverse variety of families and ages, and located in a family-oriented community, we shall provide a ministry which will:

  • Provide rich experiences of worship which reflect our strong Moravian musical and religious heritage, and which involves all ages,

  • Provide well managed programs that address the primary needs of families: youths and adults, married and single,

  • Offer a rich variety of outreach opportunities addressing human needs that are relevant to each age group.


Core Values

  • Love

  • Acceptance

  • Spirituality/Prayer

  • Compassion

  • Family/Community

  • Health/Nurture

  • Mission/Outreach

  • Heritage

  • Stewardship

  • Joy

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