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Evangelism Committee

1st Tuesday 7 pm


  • The Evangelism Committee provides for a hospitable environment in the church.  This includes such things as arranging for greeters before worship services and for visiting the homes of visitors to thank them for their visits.  The committee has and will continue to work on the appearance of the exterior and interior of the building.  The prayer chain is managed by this committee.  



  • Activities include:

    •  Scheduling greeters for worship services and other special occasions.

    • Prayer Chain updates based on information taken from our Time and Talent sheets.

    • Weekly collections and review of the friendship registers in the sanctuary.

    • Frequent visitors are presented a gift of Moravian sugar cake along with information about our church activities and events during a "front door visit" to their homes.

    • Present new members with a pewter ornament in the shape of The Moravian Seal and a copy of the book readings for Holy Week to mark the occasion.

    • Arrange delivery of recorded worship services to members who experience difficulties that limit their attendance.  This is in the form of both DVD and Audio(CD).

    • Provide refreshments when there is an inquirers class.

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